McDonalds Secret Menu and How To Order From It

By Rich | April 25, 2017

There has been a lot of talk and hype about restaurants secret menus of late, especially when it comes to the king of fast food, McDonalds.

These items never appear on the actual menu, and often come in the form of hybrid burgers combining popular items. Some of the secret menu items at McDonalds include the Mc10:35, the crudely named McGangBang, and the Land, Sea, and Air Burger.

McDonalds Mc10-35 mcdonalds secret menu

The Mc10:35

The Mc10:35 is possibly the most known about secret menu item and is a combination of a McMuffin and a McDouble burger. This delicious brunch treat is only available to order between 10:30am and 11:00am which is the point in the day that the breakfast menu crosses over with the regular menu.

If you fail to order the Mc10:35, then the trick is to order both a McMuffin and a McDouble. Then simply engineer the mighty hybrid burger yourself! Do this by inserting the double cheeseburger stack into the McMuffin.

McGangBang Secret Item

The McGangBang

This is another fairly well talked about burger. Despite the crude name, this creates the mother of all combination burgers.

The McGangBang is the love child of a McDouble burger and the McChicken Sandwich. To create this burger the whole McChicken sandwich has simply been inserted into the centre of the McDouble.

This creation by all means isn’t the biggest McDonalds secret menu item. However this in our opinion does give one of the best combo tastes by combining chicken and beef patties.

Land, Sea and Air Burger Secret Item

The Land, Sea, And Air burger

Now here comes the biggest creation we have known to be ordered, the Land, Sea, And Air burger. This monster burger combines elements from all three types of burger on the menu.

Combine together the beef patties from a McDouble (land), the chicken burger from a McChicken (Air), and the fish fillet from a Filet-O-Fish (Sea), and you have one mighty creation on your hands.

Watch other diners watch on with horror as you walk to your table with this humongous burger creation. Although whatever you do, only approach this secret McDonalds burger when you have a large appetite!

McDonalds aren’t the only restaurant to offer secret menus. Starbucks have recently revealed their top secret menu, which includes a Unicorn Frappuccino. KFC and Burger King have also confirmed special menus!

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