About Us

We love to eat.

Ever since we were young we have loved fast food (rightly or wrongly). When we weren’t eating out at our favourite fast food joints, or talking about the food we craved… Or even just thinking about our favourite dishes… We were in the kitchen cooking! We love tinkering with recipes to create food as close as possible to those snacks and dishes you could buy in restaurants, and now we want to share our creations with you guys.

Our idea is to round up all of you home cooks who also have a love for tasty fast food, and present you with all of the best fast food recipes available. Our aim for fast food recipes is to make the process of finding decent recipes much simpler and easier. We have organised all of our recipes into restaurants and filled them full of delicious looking recipes for you to cook!

Feel free to have a look around, and decide what you are going to cook for dinner tonight. Also share your best creations with us! We love seeing what you are cooking, whether it’s one of our recipes or one of your own. If you are happy for us to do so, we’ll share photos of your dishes on Facebook to make everyone hungry!

How We Create Our Recipes

A lot of trial an error, a little bit of basic cooking knowledge and luck!

We break down each recipe into smaller elements, and then even further into ingredients. We then experiment with various combinations and pass onto our qualified test subjects. (To whom we are extremely thankful for enduring our not so great creations!)

From there we should have a pretty darn close recipe of the dish we are emulating, and if not it is back to the drawing board. (And those poor people have to endure another round of food tasting! They sure do have a tough job)

Send Us Your Recipe

We love to hear from you guys about the food you have cooked, whether it is one of our recipes or your own invention. Send us a picture off your creation and we’ll envy in your skill.

If you don’t mind a little bit of limelight and would like to be featured on FastFood-Recipes.com then send us your recipe and we’ll feature it on the site!

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